Coastal Texas Grass Growth Throughout the Seasons

Coastal Texas is known for its unique climate, which includes hot summers, mild winters, and a significant amount of rainfall.

These weather patterns have a profound impact on the growth of grass throughout the year. Understanding the growth patterns can help you appreciate the benefits of having a professional lawn company provide weekly mowing services.

Spring (March - May)

Spring marks the beginning of the growing season in Coastal Texas. With the return of milder temperatures and increased rainfall, grasses such as St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia begin to awaken from their winter dormancy. In this season, grass growth is vigorous, and lawns often require more frequent mowing to maintain their desired height.

Summer (June - August)

Summer in Coastal Texas is hot and humid, which can be challenging for maintaining a healthy lawn. Grass growth continues but at a slower rate due to the intense heat. Lawns may appear stressed, and without proper care, they can become susceptible to pests and diseases. Frequent mowing by a professional lawn company can help keep your lawn looking lush and healthy during this demanding season.

Fall (September - November)

As temperatures begin to cool off in the fall, grasses experience a resurgence in growth. This season is an ideal time for lawns to recover from the stress of the summer heat. Professional lawn care services can provide the necessary maintenance, such as aeration and fertilization, to ensure your grass stays strong and beautiful throughout the fall.

Winter (December - February)

While winters in Coastal Texas are relatively mild compared to other regions, grass growth slows down considerably during this season. Weekly mowing is typically not required during the winter months. However, lawn companies can provide essential services like leaf removal and preventative treatments to prepare your lawn for the upcoming spring.

The Benefits of Weekly Mowing Services

We understand the unique needs of Coastal Texas lawns and offer flexible mowing plans tailored to each season. Here's why opting for our weekly mowing services during the Spring and Summer make the most sense:

Optimal Care: Weekly mowing ensures your grass is never overgrown & free of unwanted critters and or insects.

Time and Effort Savings: With us taking care of your lawn, you can reclaim your valuable time and energy for other pursuits.

Cost-Effective: If you do have weekly mowing services and there is a rain drought, let us know and we will adjust our visits. This flexibility means you only pay for the services you need.

Cleaner Outcome: Frequent mowing results in a cleaner and neater appearance for your lawn - such as less grass clippings to mulch or pick up.

Savings Potential: Weekly mowing helps us help you with lower rates. Pricing accounts for job complexity& time spent. The easier the visit, the more competitive our pricing will be.

Neighborhood Charm: Consistently well-kept lawns contribute to the beauty and charm of your neighborhood, sustaining property values for all residents.